16X Write-Once DVD+r Spindle

16X Write-Once DVD+r Spindle

Are you tired of low-quality DVDs that fail to burn properly? Look no further! Introducing the 16X Write-Once DVD+r Spindle, the perfect solution for all your DVD burning needs. With its exceptional features and high-quality performance, this DVD+r spindle is a must-have for anyone looking to create professional-grade DVDs.

Key Features

1. High-Speed Burning

With a blazing fast burning speed of 16X, you can quickly and efficiently burn your DVDs without any hassle. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to high-speed DVD burning.

2. Large Storage Capacity

Each DVD in the spindle has a storage capacity of 4.7GB, allowing you to store a significant amount of data, videos, or multimedia files. Whether you need to back up important documents or create a compilation of your favorite movies, this DVD+r spindle has got you covered.

3. Superior Compatibility

The 16X Write-Once DVD+r Spindle is compatible with most DVD burners and players, ensuring that your burned DVDs can be played on any device. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, laptop, or DVD player, you can trust that your DVDs will work seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I rewrite data on these DVDs?

A: No, these DVDs are write-once, meaning that once data is burned onto them, it cannot be erased or rewritten.

Q: How many DVDs are included in the spindle?

A: The spindle contains 50 DVDs, providing you with ample storage for your burning needs.

Q: Are these DVDs compatible with Mac computers?

A: Yes, these DVDs are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.


The 16X Write-Once DVD+r Spindle is the ultimate choice for anyone in need of high-quality DVD burning. With its fast burning speed, large storage capacity, and superior compatibility, you can trust that your DVDs will be created with precision and excellence. Don’t settle for subpar DVDs any longer – place your order now and experience the difference!