ACME 472 Slide Whistle

ACME 472 Slide Whistle

Are you looking for a musical instrument that is both fun and versatile? Look no further than the ACME 472 Slide Whistle. This unique product offers a range of features that will delight musicians of all ages and skill levels.


The ACME 472 Slide Whistle boasts a variety of impressive features:

Adjustable Slide

The adjustable slide allows you to control the pitch and length of the notes produced. This feature gives you the freedom to create a wide range of sounds, from high-pitched melodies to deep, resonant tones.

Durable Construction

The ACME 472 Slide Whistle is built to last. Made from high-quality materials, this instrument can withstand the rigors of regular use without losing its functionality or tone quality.

Compact and Portable

With its compact size, the ACME 472 Slide Whistle is easy to carry around. Whether you’re heading to a gig, a rehearsal, or simply want to practice on the go, this instrument is the perfect companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can children play the ACME 472 Slide Whistle?

Yes, the ACME 472 Slide Whistle is suitable for musicians of all ages. Its simple design and adjustable slide make it easy for children to learn and play.

2. Is the ACME 472 Slide Whistle suitable for professional musicians?

Absolutely! The ACME 472 Slide Whistle is not only a great instrument for beginners but also a valuable addition to any professional musician’s collection. Its versatility and unique sound make it a popular choice among professionals.

3. Can I use the ACME 472 Slide Whistle in different musical genres?

Yes, the ACME 472 Slide Whistle can be used in a wide range of musical genres, including jazz, folk, pop, and more. Its ability to produce various tones and pitches makes it a versatile instrument for any musical style.


The ACME 472 Slide Whistle is a must-have instrument for any musician who wants to add a touch of uniqueness to their performances. With its adjustable slide, durable construction, and portability, this instrument offers endless possibilities for creativity and expression. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the ACME 472 Slide Whistle is sure to bring joy and excitement to your musical journey.