Galeffi, Effervescent Antacid, Natural Lemon Flavor 8.8oz (250g) – Pack of 3

Galeffi, Effervescent Antacid, Natural Lemon Flavor 8.8oz (250g) – Pack of 3

“Fast-acting, pleasant, and refreshing!”

About Galeffi

Galeffi is a traditional Italian sodium bicarbonate powder that comes in a lemon flavor. It is a popular choice for those seeking a fast-acting and refreshing antacid/digestive. Imported from Italy, Galeffi is known for its restorative properties and is often taken after meals to aid digestion.

How to Use Galeffi

To enjoy the benefits of Galeffi, simply place two heaping teaspoons of the powder in a glass of cold water. Stir the mixture and drink it while it fizzes. The lemon flavor adds a pleasant taste to the drink, making it a thirst-quenching and refreshing option.

Benefits of Galeffi

  • Fast-acting relief for upset stomachs
  • Effective against heartburn, acid indigestion, and sour stomach
  • Thirst-quenching and refreshing
  • Particularly suitable after a meal for its digestive properties
Product of Italy

Galeffi is proudly made in Italy, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. With its long-standing reputation, you can trust that you are getting a genuine Italian product.

Brand: Galeffi

Choose Galeffi for a reliable and effective antacid/digestive. With its natural lemon flavor and fast-acting properties, it is the perfect addition to your daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for Galeffi to work?

Galeffi works quickly to provide relief for upset stomachs. You should start feeling the effects within a few minutes after consuming it.

2. Can I take Galeffi on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can take Galeffi on an empty stomach. It is recommended to take it after meals for its digestive properties, but it can also be consumed at any time to alleviate symptoms of heartburn or indigestion.

3. Are there any side effects of using Galeffi?

Galeffi is generally safe to use and does not have any known side effects. However, if you experience any unusual symptoms or allergic reactions, it is advisable to discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.


Discover the refreshing and digestive properties of Galeffi, an imported effervescent antacid from Italy. With its fast-acting relief and pleasant lemon flavor, it is the perfect drink to enjoy after a meal. Trust in the quality and authenticity of Galeffi, a brand that has been trusted by generations.