Jovvily Pineapple Fragrance Oil – Fresh Pineapple Scent

Jovvily Pineapple Fragrance Oil – Fresh Pineapple Scent

“The scent of a tropical paradise.”


Experience the delightful aroma of Jovvily Pineapple Fragrance Oil. This 4 fl oz bottle is filled with the essence of fresh pineapples, capturing the essence of a tropical paradise. Whether you are creating scented candles or formulating creams, this fragrance oil will transport you to a sunny beach with every whiff.

Benefits of Jovvily Pineapple Fragrance Oil

1. Authentic Pineapple Scent

Our Pineapple Fragrance Oil is carefully crafted to capture the true essence of fresh pineapples. Each bottle contains the perfect blend of fruity sweetness and tropical freshness, ensuring an authentic and invigorating scent.

2. Versatile Usage

Whether you are a candle maker or a skincare formulator, Jovvily Pineapple Fragrance Oil is perfect for you. Add a few drops to your candle wax for a tropical ambiance or incorporate it into your creams and lotions for a refreshing burst of fragrance.

3. Long-lasting Fragrance

A little goes a long way with Jovvily Pineapple Fragrance Oil. The concentrated formula ensures that the scent lingers for hours, filling your space with the irresistible aroma of fresh pineapples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I use Jovvily Pineapple Fragrance Oil in candles?

A: Simply add a few drops of the fragrance oil to your melted candle wax before pouring it into the mold. The recommended ratio is 1 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of wax, but you can adjust it according to your preference.

Q: Can I use Jovvily Pineapple Fragrance Oil in my skincare products?

A: Yes, you can! Our fragrance oil is skin-safe and can be used in creams, lotions, and other skincare formulations. However, we recommend conducting a patch test before applying it to your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Q: How long does the fragrance last in candles?

A: The longevity of the fragrance depends on various factors such as the quality of the wax and the size of the candle. However, on average, you can expect the scent to last for approximately 20-25 hours.


Indulge in the tropical aroma of Jovvily Pineapple Fragrance Oil. Whether you are creating a relaxing atmosphere with scented candles or adding a refreshing touch to your skincare products, this fragrance oil is the perfect choice. Order now and experience the essence of fresh pineapples in every breath.