Master of Mixes Mango Daiquiri / Margarita Drink Mix

Master of Mixes Mango Daiquiri / Margarita Drink Mix

We traveled half way around the world to a single growing region in India to source our premium Alphonso mangoes. We then add a touch of Key lime juice and blend with natural sweeteners and all natural flavors to create an out of this world flavor experience. We are happy to present the best of the best 鈥?in one simple step.

A Home Bartender’s Must-Have

Juice from Alphonso mangoes from a single growing region in India combined with a touch of Key limes and blended with natural sweeteners creates an-out-of-this-world flavor experience. A tropical and fresh cocktail mixer that makes pouring cocktails a breeze.

Fresh Flavor

Fresh tropical ingredients create a fruit-forward flavor and a color that is bright. Made with 23% mango and lime juice.

Inspiring Cocktails

Master of Mixes Cocktail Mixers make the world’s most popular cocktails using only the finest ingredients. Simply add a spirit for a traditional cocktail, or get creative with a new recipe.

Perfectly Packaged

A single, 1.75 liter (59.2 fl oz.) bottle of Master of Mixes Mango Daiquiri / Margarita comes individually boxed for safe shipping.

How to Make the Perfect Mango Daiquiri

  1. In a blender, combine 1 1/4 oz. of tequila with 4 oz. of Master of Mixes Mango and 16 oz. of ice.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Pour into a glass.
  4. Garnish with a mango slice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use rum instead of tequila?

Yes, you can choose to use rum instead of tequila to make a delicious mango daiquiri.

2. How long does the drink mix last?

The drink mix has a long shelf life and can be stored for several months.

3. Can I use the drink mix for other cocktails?

Absolutely! The Master of Mixes Mango Daiquiri / Margarita Drink Mix is versatile and can be used to create a variety of tropical cocktails.


Experience the refreshing and tropical flavor of Master of Mixes Mango Daiquiri / Margarita Drink Mix. Made with premium Alphonso mangoes, Key lime juice, and natural sweeteners, this drink mix is perfect for creating delicious margaritas and daiquiris. Whether you’re a home bartender or a cocktail enthusiast, this must-have mixer will elevate your cocktail game. Order your 1.75 liter bottle today and get ready to indulge in a taste of paradise.