NSI Garb Tie Down Straps

NSI Garb Tie Down Straps


For over 18 years, NSI Garb Tie Down Straps have been the go-to choice for securing various loads in extreme conditions. Originally manufactured and used in the Columbia River Gorge, renowned for its high winds, these straps have gained popularity worldwide. With their innovative design, the Garb Tie Down Straps render traditional cam tie down straps obsolete.

Main Features

Quick and Easy to Use

The NSI Garb Tie Down Straps are designed for convenience. With their adjustable length and heavy-duty rubber bungee, securing your items has never been easier. Simply adjust the strap to your desired tightness and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Versatile and Adaptable

These tie down straps are incredibly versatile and can adapt to a variety of tie down needs. Whether you’re securing surfboards, kayaks, or any other equipment, the NSI Garb Tie Down Straps provide a reliable and non-damaging hold.

High-Quality and Durable

Made in the USA, the NSI Garb Tie Down Straps are built to last. With their heavy-duty construction, they can withstand even the most extreme conditions, ensuring the safety of your belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these straps be used for securing different types of equipment?

Yes, the NSI Garb Tie Down Straps are designed to be versatile and can be used to secure a wide range of items, including surfboards, kayaks, and other outdoor equipment.

2. Are these straps adjustable in length?

Yes, you can choose between the Standard size (adjustable length 40″ – 79.5″) or the Large Straps (adjustable length 50″ – 94″). This allows you to customize the straps according to your specific needs.

3. Are the Garb Tie Down Straps made with high-quality materials?

Absolutely! The NSI Garb Tie Down Straps are made with heavy-duty rubber bungee and are manufactured in the USA. They are built to withstand extreme conditions and provide a reliable hold.


When it comes to securing your valuable items, the NSI Garb Tie Down Straps are the ultimate solution. With their quick and easy-to-use design, adjustable length, and high-quality construction, these straps offer convenience, versatility, and durability. Don’t settle for outdated cam tie down straps – order your NSI Garb Tie Down Straps today and experience the difference!