Pellon Sew-in Feather/Mid-Weight Interfacing – Product Description

Pellon Sew-in Feather/Mid-Weight Interfacing

Are you looking for a reliable and versatile interfacing for your sewing projects? Look no further than the Pellon Sew-in Feather/Mid-Weight Interfacing. This high-quality product is designed to provide excellent support and structure to your fabrics, making it an essential tool for any sewing enthusiast.


1. Feather/Mid-Weight:

The Pellon Sew-in Interfacing is a feather/mid-weight option, which means it strikes the perfect balance between providing stability and maintaining the drape of your fabric. It adds just the right amount of structure without making your garments stiff or bulky.

2. Sew-in Design:

This interfacing is sew-in, which means it can be easily stitched onto your fabric using a sewing machine or by hand. The sew-in design ensures a secure and long-lasting bond, allowing your creations to withstand regular wear and washing.

3. Versatile:

Whether you’re working on garments, accessories, or home decor projects, this interfacing is a versatile choice. It can be used with a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk, and more. Its compatibility with various materials makes it a must-have for any sewing toolbox.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use this interfacing with delicate fabrics?

Yes, the Pellon Sew-in Feather/Mid-Weight Interfacing is suitable for delicate fabrics. Its lightweight nature ensures that it won’t overpower or damage delicate materials, while still providing the necessary support.

2. How do I attach this interfacing to my fabric?

You can attach this interfacing by sewing it onto your fabric. Simply place the interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric, aligning the edges, and stitch around the perimeter. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

3. Can I machine wash garments with this interfacing?

Yes, this interfacing is machine washable. However, it is recommended to use a gentle cycle and cold water to preserve the integrity of both the fabric and the interfacing. Always check the care instructions of your fabric before washing.


The Pellon Sew-in Feather/Mid-Weight Interfacing is a reliable and versatile product that will elevate your sewing projects. Its feather/mid-weight design provides the perfect balance of structure and drape, making it suitable for a wide range of fabrics. With its sew-in feature, you can easily attach it to your fabric for a secure and long-lasting bond. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, this interfacing is a must-have in your collection.