Polaroid Now Instant Camera i-Type – Yellow – 9031

Polaroid Now Instant Camera i-Type – Yellow – 9031

Polaroid’s new point-and-shoot analog instant camera has all you need to catch every life moment in an original Polaroid photograph. Now with autofocus, it’s simple to capture moments as you see them, so you can relive them forever in sharp, vivid color. Frame two moments in one with double exposure, or get yourself in the picture with self-timer and an accurate flash to make everyone look like they should. Available in 7 colors.


Now with Autofocus

With the new autofocus feature, capturing moments as you see them has never been easier. Say goodbye to blurry photos and hello to sharp, vibrant images that truly capture the essence of the moment.

Double Exposure

Frame two moments in one with the double exposure feature. Create unique and artistic photographs by combining two different scenes into one image. Let your creativity run wild and capture stunning, one-of-a-kind shots.

Self-Timer and Accurate Flash

Get yourself in the picture with the self-timer function. No more asking strangers to take your photo or missing out on group shots. With the accurate flash, everyone will look their best, ensuring that every memory is captured perfectly.

Available in 7 Colors

Express your personal style with the Polaroid Now Instant Camera. Choose from 7 vibrant colors to match your mood and make a statement. Stand out from the crowd and capture life’s moments in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is film included with the camera?

No, the film is not included with the camera. The Polaroid Now Instant Camera is compatible with both i-Type and 600 film, which can be purchased separately.

2. How long does it take for the photo to develop?

The photo develops within minutes after it is taken. Simply wait a few moments, and your Polaroid photograph will come to life right before your eyes.

3. Can I use the camera with a tripod?

Yes, the Polaroid Now Instant Camera is tripod mountable. This allows for more stability and flexibility when capturing your shots, especially in low-light situations.


The Polaroid Now Instant Camera i-Type is the perfect companion for capturing life’s precious moments. With its autofocus, double exposure, self-timer, and accurate flash, you can create stunning photographs that will last a lifetime. Choose from 7 vibrant colors to express your personal style and make a statement. Don’t miss out on capturing the magic of life – get your Polaroid Now Instant Camera today!