Tassel Toppers: Fabulous Grad Cap Decorations for Grad Cap

Tassel Toppers: Fabulous Grad Cap Decorations for Grad Cap

“Graduation is not the end, it’s the beginning.” – Orrin Hatch


Graduation is a significant milestone in one’s life. It marks the end of an educational journey and the beginning of a new chapter. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Tassel Toppers offers a wide range of fabulous grad cap decorations that will make your graduation cap truly stand out.

Why Choose Tassel Toppers?

1. Unique and Creative Designs

At Tassel Toppers, we understand the importance of individuality. That’s why we offer a vast collection of unique and creative designs for your grad cap. From inspirational quotes to personalized monograms, our decorations will reflect your personality and achievements.

2. High-Quality Materials

We believe in providing our customers with the best quality products. Our grad cap decorations are made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. They are designed to withstand the excitement and celebrations of graduation day.

3. Easy Application

Applying our grad cap decorations is a breeze. Each decoration comes with adhesive backing, making it simple to attach to your cap securely. No need to worry about it falling off during the ceremony or damaging your cap.

4. Customization Options

Personalize your grad cap with our customization options. Add your name, graduation year, or any other special message to make your cap truly one-of-a-kind. Our easy-to-use customization tool allows you to see a preview of your design before placing your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply the grad cap decorations?

Our grad cap decorations come with adhesive backing. Simply peel off the backing and stick the decoration onto your cap. Make sure to press firmly to ensure a secure attachment.

2. Can I remove the decorations after graduation?

Yes, our decorations can be easily removed without leaving any residue on your cap. Gently peel off the decoration, starting from one corner, and slowly remove it. If there is any adhesive residue, it can be easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

3. Can I order in bulk for my graduating class?

Absolutely! We offer bulk ordering options for schools and graduating classes. Contact our customer service team for more information and special pricing.


Your graduation cap is a representation of your achievements and hard work. With Tassel Toppers’ fabulous grad cap decorations, you can make your cap truly unique and memorable. Order now and let your cap stand out on your special day!