The Ashton – Drake Galleries ‘Rosalie’: 2020 Such A Doll Photo Contest Winner Baby Girl Doll

The Ashton – Drake Galleries ‘Rosalie’: 2020 Such A Doll Photo Contest Winner Baby Girl Doll

“Rosalie” is the charming baby girl doll that captured hearts and won the prestigious 2020 Such A Doll Photo Contest. Created by The Ashton – Drake Galleries, this lifelike doll is a true masterpiece. With her realistic features, hand-rooted hair, and weighted cloth body, she is a delight to hold and cherish.

Realistic Details

Every detail of “Rosalie” has been meticulously crafted to ensure a lifelike appearance. Her RealTouch Vinyl skin feels incredibly soft to the touch, just like a real baby’s skin. The hand-rooted hair adds to her realism, making her look even more adorable. From her delicate eyelashes to her tiny fingers and toes, every feature is expertly painted by skilled artisans.

Fully Poseable

“Rosalie” is fully poseable, allowing you to display her in various heartwarming positions. You can cradle her in your arms, lay her down for a nap, or even sit her up to play. The flexibility of her joints and the weighted cloth body make her feel incredibly lifelike. You’ll love spending time with this precious doll and creating beautiful memories together.

Collector’s Edition

This doll is a collector’s edition, which means it is a limited edition piece that will be treasured by doll enthusiasts. Each doll is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. As a collector, you can proudly display “Rosalie” alongside your other prized dolls, knowing that she is a unique and valuable addition to your collection.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Can the doll’s clothes be changed?
  • A: Yes, “Rosalie” comes with a set of adorable outfits that can be easily changed.
  • Q: Is the doll suitable for children?
  • A: While “Rosalie” is designed for adult collectors, she can be enjoyed by older children under adult supervision.
  • Q: How tall is the doll?
  • A: “Rosalie” measures approximately 18 inches in height.

If you’re looking for a truly special baby girl doll, “Rosalie” is the perfect choice. With her realistic details, fully poseable body, and collector’s edition status, she is a treasure to behold. Bring home this award-winning doll and experience the joy of owning a lifelike masterpiece.